7-figure BCorp in the Energy-Efficiency space seeking strategic partners &/or equity partners

We are a 7-figure business, established 9 years ago, looking for value aligned partners to help with multiple national rollouts for existing clients (e.g. energy audits, LED, HVAC, and hot-water upgrades).

We are a purpose driven BCorp with high environmental standards, plus we donate 50% of profits to charity.

We are open to giving away sweat equity, or forming strategic alliances.

Seeking value-aligned people/companies with experience in energy efficiency &/or engineering &/or project management &/or plumbing &/or construction &/or general management of 7 and 8 figure companies.


Hi @AsherC - I lead https://www.QuitCarbon.com and we are working on our B Corp certification. Have a look at Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. and get in touch if you think we might have a match with what you are seeking. Thanks, Cooper (Chief Quitter at QuitCarbon)

Hi @AsherC , I’d love to chat and understand more about what you are looking for. I’m in Brisbane next week, hopefully we could find a time to meet.
I have sent you a LinkedIn request and I’m at jen@rejenerate.co

Looks like a good model you have @Cooper! However we are based in Australia only, and also focused on commercial not residential.

Thanks @jengears, will shoot you an email to say hi.