ACCC Releases 8 Principles to Guide Businesses’ Environmental Claims

The ACCC published eight principles to help businesses ensure that environmental marketing and advertising claims about their products or services are clear and accurate and do not mislead consumers :mag_right: :shopping_cart:

According to ACCC Acting Chair Catriona Lowe, “For consumers to drive change, they need to be able to trust that the products and services they are buying genuinely are sustainable, and businesses making real efforts to deliver benefits should not be disadvantaged by rivals making disingenuous claims.”

Discover more and download the new guide :arrow_right: ACCC Releases 8 Principles to Guide Businesses' Environmental Claims - GECA


Thanks for sharing this @Kendall - Related to this, earlier this year we released a guide for avoiding greenwashing in partnership with Marque Lawyers. You can find it here:

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