B Corp Performance Requirement 2.0

One of my favourite things about the B Corp Movement is that B Lab has developed a set of standards for socially and environmentally responsible companies. These standards are used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide and positively influenced the actions of many others. We are humbled that more and more ethical and responsible companies are using B Lab’s standards and aspiring to achieve B Corp certification.

After 14 years, B Lab is reviewing B Corp certification requirements (especially minimum requirements) to better align the impact of the B Corp movement on key social and environmental issues. This is exciting to continuously evolve the concept of leadership in business.

If you have an opinion on what makes a responsible business in the context of the world today, or what leadership looks like in specific areas of social/environmental impact, we would love to hear from you! Please take this survey to inform our Performance Requirement Review.

Survey extended until 15 February.