Communicating flexible work hours via email sigs (creating inclusive workplaces)

I love seeing examples of how companies communicate flexible work hours in their signatures. I just saw Koskela’s this morning (thanks @sasha) which has prompted me to share a few I’ve found and use:

The Koskela team do not work Fridays. The wellness benefits of a 4-day week has a net-positive effect on our business. Thanks for your understanding!

I’m working flexible hours at the moment and emailing now suits me, but I don’t expect you to read, action or respond outside of your working hours.

Quiip practices radical flexibility, operating 24/7 across 5 timezones, so we may not always be available during traditional 9-5pm hours. We’ll always get back to you as soon as we return. If you receive an email out of hours from us, please know that’s all part of our radical flexibility and we don’t expect replies when you’re not working.

Have you seen any cool ones in your travels? Please share! Creating flexible workplaces is fundamental to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. The more we can normalise flexibility, the more we can provide opportunities to those who traditionally have barriers to employment. Primary caregivers (largely women to date) in particular are so often excluded, which we see translate to huge gender pay gaps and superannuation deficits and so on... Not to mental health & wellbeing benefits of flexible work!

@LydiaHo @Steph have you seen any good examples you can share?