Flex work models (the new normal)

Hi B Corp hive minds,

We’re based in Sydney and looking to implement flexible working policies as COVID cases drop over the summer. I’ve found a few interesting articles, but would love to know what other B Corps are doing in this space? (e.g. minimum 1 day attendance at the office, Zoom meetings will still take priority)

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Hi Lydia - Spark Strategy works out of The Hub (another B-Corp). We rent a permanent desk, and I try and go in 2 days a week to connect with the team in person, have coffee meetings etc. Most of our team is in Melbourne so zoom/teams first is still how we run much of our work.
Happy to chat further if you like. John@sparkstrategy.com.au


Beam’s Flexible Work Playbook is also full of great ideas! @Steph might have some bonus tricks to share too :slight_smile:


Thanks Kira - have been looking at Beam, brilliant stuff!

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Hey @LydiaHo :wave:

As Quiip has operated as a remote (“distributed”) company for ten years I’m a huge advocate of flexible workplaces. I also see COVID offering an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the workplace. I love Beam’s workbook, especially the school-term working, that’s a great one. (And beautifully aligned to the SDGs of gender equality and reduced inequities.) Good work @Steph

There is also discussion in Workers section you might find interesting on the 4-day Work Week.

I also want to give a shout out to Puffling who are doing an awesome job in the Job Share space for senior roles.

Here is an article by our Marketing Director that I think is very timely, as companies need to alleviate employees anxiety and commit to remote work.

I also think we’ll see more “rebellion” around returning to the office:

Personally I’m thrilled to see flexible work become more widely adopted as the last ten years of raising my children – largely as a single parent CEO – would not have been possible without flexible and remote work.

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Hi Lydia, which B Corp are you with? If you’d like help beyond the playbook just say the word. I’m on stephanie@beamaustralia.com.au. Cheers, Steph


Thanks Steph, I work for Future Super https://www.futuresuper.com.au/
Will email you :slight_smile:

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