Unlimited Annual Leave - To do or not to do?

Hi Team,

I am wondering if any fellow BCorps offer unlimited leave and if so how do you manage this?

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I know Inventium has! @Gwebb might be able to weigh in. :blush:

Here is a great article that includes perspective from Inventium and another B Corp, Culture Amp.

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Amazing - thank you Kira :slight_smile:

Good topic @GemmaMills and I imagine is really dependent on the type of work culture that exists. Like the article mentions, if people are really overworked they might find it hard to take normal leave let alone any more.

We have really flexible work at Quiip so I’d not considered additional leave because people can flex their workday/week/month significantly. Be great to hear from Inventium, Culture Amp or other B Corps.

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Thanks Alison - yeah same here - we have a very flexible work culture but we also work in the events industry so there is only so much flexibility that they can take… That was a concern - people have needed encouragement to take their leave already so unsure if this would help or hinder… I’m getting a few questions about why we don’t have it from new starters particularly in the USA.