Employee Perks Program

Hey All,

Seeking some advice or perks package for employees. We want a system that encourages growth, development, balance, adventure, play and creativity. Are there any frameworks or applications you use or would like to recommend out in the market?


Hi Netty

Not sure on frameworks out there but here are some ideas for you:

  • We do a wellness allowance where the team can spend an amount per year on anything that keeps them well. We do $150. They put it towards all sorts - Doctors visits, prescription glasses, massages, surf boards!
  • I want to do a similar allowance but for sustainability - Probably less money per year but for anything sustainable. Buying a keep cup for themselves, or put it towards a compost bin for home.
  • You could pay for a mindfullness/meditation app subscription for the team.
  • Also we did this recently around carbon offsetting.

Hope that’s useful!

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Hey Netty :slight_smile:
Always love hearing about new ways to engage and perk up employees so would love to hear what you implement?

Thanks for the ideas Clare, love them - will check out the carbon offsetting for sure!

  • We currently employ LifeWorks globally as our EAP service but they offer a wide range of exercise, engagement and mindfulness options too.
  • We also house our Sydney office with fellow BCorp The Commons - they offer a heap of perks - free brekkie, lunch and learns, get togethers etc.
  • We give employees 5 work days of volunteer time to dedicate to something close to their heart.
  • We are starting a department wide book club per quarter - each department chooses a book based on upskilling / personal /professional development and read it then come together at the end of the quarter to discuss and implement any focus /discussion points.
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