Taking on carbon as a team - New staff benefit

We’ve just launched this with the team! Pretty excited about it!
Together our team has already offset 2.5 tonnes of carbon!

We’ve teamed up with Carbon Click who create tools that help teams to take action on their carbon footprint.

Our Springloaders can use Carbon Click’s team portal to estimate their household carbon footprint, analyse what parts of their lifestyle creates the most carbon and get inspiration on how to change their habits to create less.

As a member of our Carbonclick team they will also be given the option to offset their estimated carbon through one of the many amazing carbon offsetting projects featured in CarbonClick. These are fully transparent offsets that can be easily tracked and traced, directly to the projects they support.

Not only does Springload pay the membership fee for every staff member to join up, but if a Springloader chooses to offset their monthly personal emissions then Springload will match their contribution up to $15 per month. $15 a month covers roughly half the average household’s carbon emissions so our thinking is we’ll meet the team halfway. This $15 and their membership fee will all go towards carbon offsetting.

And we will see all the effort we are collectively taking in our CarbonClick team portal!

We’re so excited to get behind something the Springload team are so passionate about and share our progress.


That looks great! I’ve just shared it with our sustainability group.

Love this, Clare - thanks for sharing!

@LaurenPiro this could be a good use of our green bonus? Will look further and keep you posted.