Springload's first Impact report

Springload’s first impact report! This fills my heart with all the warm and fuzzies! All that Carbon offset… and all the amazing work our team have put out!!


So good, well done @Clare! We too launched our first impact report this year, it’s so good to articulate all the good stuff in one place to really see the full impact. It’s a great engagement tool for staff especially.


Such an effective way to tell your impact story Clare!

@Clare love it, well done to the Springload team <3 It’s so pretty too! Upping the Impact Game! Thank you so much for sharing this here.

(And did I read you’ve a baby on the way? Woo, congrats!)

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You did indeed! 8 weeks to go! 4 weeks left at work. I’m keen to have a hang with all the Welly B corps before I head off though :slight_smile: