Digital Carbon Footprint thoughts from Springload

Hi everyone!

Something that is on our minds a lot at the moment over at Springload: the carbon footprint of the websites we make. Yesterday we moved our own site to carbon neutral hosting and we are pretty excited about it!

Joris, one of our developers, put this out from our Springlabs division recently and I thought it might be of interest :slight_smile:


Hi Clare! Definitely an area companies don’t yet think about enough. I know we have room for improvement…

We did write an article which has a great animated graphic of the carbon footprint of the internet!

This is something we spend a fair amount of time looking at and thinking about as well - it can be surprisingly hard to find good information about the impact of technology and cloud computing. This Wired article is a little out of date now but is an interesting read Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Here's Who Has the Greenest Cloud | WIRED


Thanks Mike! It is really hard to find and make sense of. As a digital services business, our largest expenditure is software (gmail, dropbox, asana and so on) which gets very hard to understand from an emissions standpoint. I’ve started asking smaller providers like hosting if they are carbon neutral because switching those doesn’t seem impossible!

Great to look up Brightly! NZ’s first certified IT services business - congratulations! Do you operate in Australia too? Always good to know who other B Corps can procure services from!

Yes some platforms are starting to provide more info but they’ve got a long way to go!

We don’t have people on the ground in Australia but we do provide project services, consulting, and remote support from here, and happy to chat about how that works for current customers with anyone that’s interested :slight_smile:

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