Company Loyalty Program Ideas

Hi team,

Starting a ‘loyalty/long service’ program within Public Sector Network - name still a work in progress. Wondering if anyone has implemented something similar? What do you offer and how have you structured it?

IE. perks / gifts / rewards for each year / certain amount of years with your company…

Hi @GemmaMills

Just checking - is this for staff that have been with your company over 5 years? Or clients/customers? :slight_smile:


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Thanks Clare - good q! For employees - yeah something perhaps for each year they’re with us and/or long service 5/10 years perks.



Over at Springload we do a few things:

  • An extra weeks leave gifted in your 5th year
  • A decent gift at 5 years and celebrated at annual team event. Budget of $250 ish.
  • After 5 years each year on your anniversary date a little gift magically appears on your desk. Bottle of wine or box of beers, maybe a tree etc. We just found a cool company who do cool baby trees in boxes ready for gifting!
  • An extra weeks leave ongoing after 10 years
  • A decent gift at 10 and 15 years and celebrated at annual team event. Budget usually $300 plus. I got a gold necklace with the company logo! I love it.

It’s something we are also evolving as we go :slight_smile: We are big into the tree gift idea so that might be something we do more : Collections– Tree Gifts NZ


This is so helpful! Thank you Clare :slight_smile:

We have been evolving as we grow
1yr: shout outs at 1 year, in our all company slack channel from people leader
2yr : special jacket (with a new patch to add to the inside of the jacket marking each year) + celebrate at all company event
3-5 yrs : similar to Claire a gift shows up with the patch above to add to your jacket
5 yrs: we are only 4 years old as a company so not had to solve this one yet!! but like the extra weeks leave idea

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