Benefits to supplement government programs


Under the Supplementary Health Benefits question in the BIA, there is an answer titled ‘Other - please describe’. As we are based in Australia, I wanted to ask whether initiatives, such as offering employees the annual flu vaccine, apply here? The remaining answers in this question mention insurance - which are mainly covered by government programs or employee’s super funds. If you had any other suggestions here, I would appreciate your input.

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Hi Sasha, we put flu vacs in the ‘other’ for this and got 0.24 points for it.

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Hi Sasha, our Company provides access to all staff and their families 24/7 access to Hunterlink, which is an Employee Assistance Provider as an extra health benefit and support. Especially important for anyone during times of isolation etc. A great initiative.

Hi Sasha :wave: We have an annual Health & Wellbeing bonus of $200. We encourage people to share what they spend it on, it might be new hiking boots, a yoga pass, a bike etc. We also buy all employees a fitbit if they want to join in our Workweek Hustle :walking_man:

There is another question “health & wellness initiatives” that specifically asks if you have an EAP so I’m not sure you can input that twice. (I don’t have this question for Quiip as the majority of my staff are on hourly rates not salaries and this determines the question set.)