Training on life skills for personal development

Does your company offer life skills for personal development? (See B Impact Question it relates to below). Would love to find out what other companies are offering.

At Quiip we offer training such as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), SBS’ Cultural Competence training and are about to undertake some anti-racism training/racial justice training.

Has anyone found any decent financial literacy courses? Maybe the finance folk know of some? Ping @LydiaHo @KateCarroll

As this relates to BIA:
Excluding newly hired workers, what % of full-time and part-time workers received the following types of formal training during the last 12 months?
Training on life skills for personal development (e.g. literacy, personal financial planning, languages)

Although this question is technically in the community section, posting here as it relates to workers.

Hi Alison. We run an Open Learning Program which provides skills that don’t necessarily contribute towards the individuals role but improves their personal knowledge and skills. Courses we have run through the program include: Barista Training, Financial Wellness Training, Managing Change, Having difficult conversations, Unconscious Bias.

We are working with Finance Advice Matters on the Financial Wellness Training which they are due to run in the next week for us. I am happy to provide feedback on how they do if you are still looking for a supplier. So far with all their collateral and customer feedback I feel comfortable they are the right choice.

Regards, Wendy


We have a pretty active staff-led program of workshops and lunchtime sessions throughout the year - that’s included some “life skills” topics from financial planning and presentation skills to nutrition and mindfulness practices.

Thank you @WendyMcCormick! I would love to hear how the finance training goes, appreciated! Were the Managing Change & Difficult Convos ones run through external providers you’d recommend?

@BenLeong :wave: love the sound of those, certainly one of the benefits of co-located work environments. We are finally getting a “Quiipaversity” asana template together which will list a lot of required and voluntary training sessions. So many great things one could add… the learning nerd in me could go overboard. Going to loop in @LaurenPiro so she can keep an eye on any further ideas that come up here.

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Some others to throw into the mix: We also do Diversity and Inclusions courses, Te Reo Māori language courses, First Aid, Mental Health first aid, Nutrition and fitness education sessions.


Hi @alisonmichalk

Great question. We would be happy to have a conversation with any B Corps that might be interested in our team running a financial wellbeing session. We have plenty of content and in-house expertise that we would be happy to share :slight_smile:



@alisonmichalk we’ve now had 3 session with Financial Advice Matters and I am most impressed. Our team members are already enjoying benefits of the sessions and have made many changes to their personals finances. If you’re interested contact Darren Smith on

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