Additional leave days - a question

Fellow BCorp-ers,

I’d love to hear from you if you have implemented any additional leave policies in your workplace.

We currently give our team members 4 additional RDO’s a year, called Mental Health Days. These are scheduled for the last Friday of the quarter and are a company wide shutdown. We are in the process of investigating if this is the best way to do this- should we call them something else? Should we let people take an extra leave day in the quarter when it suits them?

I’d love to hear what works for you - or if you had any ideas or thoughts on this.

Thanks so much


Hey Sharon,

Great idea, possibly rename the days to wellbeing days.

As a mental health day should be encouraged to take whenever an employee needs them.

We do something similar at my other place of employment.


Hi Sharon,
We offer 2 Health Leave days a year that can be taken as full days or simply a few hours (adding up to two full days), whatever is convenient to each staff member. They are intended to allow staff to look after their health proactively by seeking out specialist advice and consultations when they are not sick rather than relying on taking sick leave (which they also get 10 days/annum) when they are sick. In addition, we provide a $1,000/year health allowance which can cover either the above-mentioned consultations or, gym or sports club memberships, bicycle or sporting equipment purchase and repairs etc.


Hello Sharon.
SilverChef offers a number of different options to our team, these include:
Annual leave, personal (sick/carers) leave, compassionate leave, domestic violence leave (10 days), study leave (2 days per subject), volunteering leave (2 days) and religious observance leave.
Hope this is helpful.

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Hi Sharon,

We offer

  • 4x happy days - used each quarter for the employee to do whatever they want.
  • Extra 5 days of leave for employees who fully utilise their 4 weeks of annual leave each financial year.
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