Paid days off + maternity leave queries

#1 Paid days off
Seems like a silly question but can I confirm volunteer days DO NOT count as paid days off. I would assume they are not (since you still work but for someone else) but a client is querying.

#2 Primary Parental Leave.
This question always confuses me as an answer of 6months+ only gets you 0.21/0.70
In addition to company leave in Australia we get 18 weeks from the Govt, but it not at the full rate of your pay. Would we select 12-18, 18-24? You can also have a year off unpaid, so do we select multiple.

Calling our oracle @Mindy_B_Lab to help us! :confused:

#1 - Volunteer days do not count here for paid time off, as they appear elsewhere in the assessment. :slight_smile:

#2 - Yes, you’ll mark two! Select one answer indicating total time off (answers 1-3 or 8), and one answer indicating fully paid time off. If the company only offers the government benefit (minimum wage), they would not be eligible to select any of the fully paid answers (4-7), but worth making a note in the question for the Standards Analyst!


@KarenPorter this might help…

Thanks @alisonmichalk I assume that is the case if you offer the government rate for additional weeks over and above the 18 weeks.

It would be good for this kind of practice to be considered in a small/micro business context. Providing paid maternity leave is very difficult for this type of business that has limited financial resources. But good to know that you can note it in the info for the analyst. :blush: