Grief & loss support guide

I came across this fantastic resource from Canva about supporting people through grief & loss, which also highlights some of their policies, including:

  • 2 weeks of paid Parental Leave in the event of miscarriage, or a partner’s miscarriage
  • 18 weeks of paid Parental Leave in the event of stillbirth or infant death for either parent
    Canva’s Parental Leave Policy is gender-neutral, and these leave benefits are available to all parents, regardless of gender, parenting role or family formation.

It also features some helpful tips for leaders in navigating grief & loss with employees and colleagues. Would love to hear what some of our B Corps offer for leave options, support resources, and more internally, so share yours here!


Fantastic resource, thanks for sharing Kira. We’ll definitely adopt at Quiip.

Love this, Kira - something TGA will look at adopting too… thanks for sharing!
If you come across any tools/policies for period/menopause leave please do shout out…thank-you!

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@LydiaHo Are you able to share what Future Super does for period/menopause leave? :thought_balloon:

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Hi Kira, here’s the Policy linked. Everyone’s welcome to use it as a template/copy it!


@LydiaHo I am new to all this and I clicked on your link although not working. Are you able to reshare the policy please? Thanks in advance. Jaz :heart: