What’s one thing you want to achieve for your team & workplace culture this year?

For B Corp Month, we hosted a People & Culture workshop with Beamible to talk about hurdles, share best practices, and hear about trends in the talent space.

B Corps shared some of their challenges, but the biggest one was creating a greater connection to purpose — followed closely by reducing workloads and burnout, and improving flexible work options.

What is one thing you’re hoping to change in your organisation this year to solve any of those problems? Are you introducing any new policies, procedures, or strategies?

Some examples that came up:

  • Allowing a nominated team member to donate to a charity of their choice, and share that with the team
  • A survey to ask staff how they’d like the company to invest in purpose
  • A $1000 health allowance to encourage people to spend this on wellbeing in whatever capacity wellbeing means to them (e.g. gym membership, pilates, etc.)