Direct Mail vs EDM/online

Hello Good B Corp people—

We have a client that is questioning whether they should continue to invest and do as much hard copy direct mail campaigns as they do. They’re concerns are justified as they’re an environmental charity.

I really, really do not want them to ditch paper-based direct mail because I know that paper-based direct mail gets at least double the response rate than EDM/ online and especially in the area of fundraising, it will reduce their total income raised by literally millions…

They are thinking about transitioning as much as possible to on-line—which all sounds OK in theory… but when you look into it, there are some major issues. The first is that hard-copy based direct mail gets about double the response rates as compared to EDM/ online, and raises significantly more money.

I am interested in what our community thinks about this.

In particular;

  • should I advise my client to carbon offset their direct mail programme rather than move to online?
  • in the rather obscure event, has anyone else faced this?
  • can anyone give me other information/ links about this issue?
  • are there other proactive steps that they can take to address this issue with their supporters?

Any other advice you can give me?

Thanks, Karl