Fundraising in USA/Canada

Hey everyone,

I work for a fundraising platform based in Australia and we are looking to grow our customer base in North America.

I’d like to talk directly to charities, as well as fundraising experts, consultants and any agencies who know what this market are looking for in a fundraising platform.

If you have any thoughts or can connect me with a contact, let me know!

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Hi Georgie,

I have a connection who is a fundraising consultant in the US I can connect you with. She splits her time between here and Boston area. Email me at with your details.

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@KieraMurphy might be able to help too. She was Aus-based but has moved home to the States and she is a B Corp consultant.

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Thanks so much @alisonmichalk!

@Georgie I’ll get back to you via LinkedIn. I work for 1% for the Planet now so should be able to help!

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Wonderful, thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ooh congrats @KieraMurphy, that’s so awesome to hear! My B Corp consulting company (ffutures) just became a 1% for the Planet member! Hope you are well and staying safe.