Growth in the UK

Hi All,

Jamie here from Raisely :wave:

I am based in Wollongong but originally from the UK but its been so long since I was back home and right now I feel like a bit of a stranger in the old country.

Just thought it worth asking the community a couple of questions.

I am looking for any introductions or networking opportunities in the UK fundraising, charity, not-for profit space and also any tips on good London co-working spaces. Hoping there are some UK connected people in ANZ that might be able to give me a steer.



@Andrew-BLab @Kiraday


Hey @Jamie! You might try connecting with our UK team at, or checking in with the B Hive as UK B Corps are all over that! I know KeepCup (@Martin) and Culture Amp have done really well in the UK, so they might be worth checking in with too. :slight_smile:

thanks Kira - I’ll give those avenues a try!