Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Hi all,

Can anyone help with Australian based resources/links for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) training they have undertaken?

We are an SME (without HR) who are beginning the process of addressing DEI practices and metrics in the workplace. We have no internal experience in this space, so I am seeking introductory training for the organisation that would introduce this topic and give the DEI Committee we will be forming a leg up on how to progress in this space.

Ideally, low-cost and short length would be preferable for the initial session to give us all a basic understanding.

Thank in advance for any tips!

Hi Genevieve,

I highly recommend anti-racism training with Erfan Daliri from Kind Enterprises: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training — Kind Enterprises. They also have a fantastic conference called Newkind.

SBS also have cultural competency training, which is an on-demand self-paced training: https://www.cultural-competence.com.au/.

We’ve done both at Quiip. From memory the SBS training is quite low cost and it has a focus on multi-culturalism in Australia and on inclusivity within a workplace. Erfan’s anti-racism training is much more about the structures of systemic racism, unconscious bias and how we can start to address those. This training was more in the thousands of dollars range but well worth it for the depth of content and the confidence it gave us to have meaningful discussions around race.

Hope that helps! Keen to hear other recommendations for our future training options.

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Hey there – Diversity Focus come highly recommended too.
Their purpose is to unleash the power of equity and inclusion, and they do a fab job of it: -)


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Sarah Liu and her team at The Dream Collective are fantastic - they also have some online e-learning modules: https://www.thedreamcollective.com.au/

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Thanks everyone, some great options for us to pursue. Your insights and assistance greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Would recommend disability training too - check out the Australian Network on Disability’s learning resources: Our learning solutions - Australian Network on Disability

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