Environmental Management Systems

This feels slightly ironic coming from a tech company, but does anyone have great examples of platforms they have used for environmental management systems, or how they approached this? Was it one spreadsheet to rule them all, or are there better options out there?


Kia ora Mike

Two NZ suppliers worth checking out are

  1. Carbon EES (a GoodSense client) but if this is for your own use at Brightly may be over-sophisticated https://www.carbonees.com/ Geoff would love to connect with you and chat though https://www.linkedin.com/in/geoff-bennett-2136095/ If you reach out please do say I suggested you get in touch

  2. A closer fit for smaller businesses is S360 https://www.s360.co.nz/ I don’t know the product so well but have had good discussions with founder Caroline Thalund and think would be worth you two connecting https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolinethalund/

If you’d like intros to either Geoff or Caroline or both please let me know e hoa

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hi Mike,
For SME’s who do not want to fork out $'s on yet another platform, we have helped them build their EMS in a simple project management tool like Monday. We manage to do this whilst ensuring it’s still ISO14001 standards compliant, and auditable if needed. Sometimes you really don’t need to add yet another saas platform to your tech stack and can keep it simple and economical. Reach out if you need help doing this and I can put you in touch with one of our team members who does this for our clients.

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I’d be interested if anyone has any Australian organisations they’ve been using for consulting or platform development in this area.