Does your company have a policy stating your commitment to the environment?

The BIA asks for “environmental management plans” that specifically have policies stating your commitment to the environment.

I’m looking for some examples/learnings if anyone is able to share. Moreso for smaller companies rather than complex massive orgs, but grateful for any info I can view.

If you’d rather not share publicly here (it is public), I understand, please email me:

Thanks in advance :earth_asia:


Alison I am going to email you our policy :slight_smile:


Here’s a very basic outline for an Environmental Management System (EMS). The following policies can also complement a very simple EMS for additional points:

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Policy
  • Environmental / Local Purchasing Policy
  • Corporate Travel Policy

These can be really simple for smaller service-based companies. But definitely need to meet higher standards for larger companies and manufacturers.

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Thanks to all the folk that emailed me – hugely helpful and appreciated :heart:

And thanks for that template too Kiera!