Help with policies

Hi everyone

I’m looking to see if anyone has either:
-List of environmentally-referred vendors for office supplies
-Policy for safe disposal of e-waste for employee home offices
-Breastfeeding mothers policy

Thank you in advance

Hi Andrew!

Policy for safe disposal of e-waste for employee home offices

It’s really high level (and I think introduced since our first certification) but this is what we send out to the team members who work fully remotely:

We encourage all our remote workers to use sustainable supplies in their home offices. We are happy to provide sustainabley sourced stationery. Our Studio Manager will provide them with regular supplies of stationery if needed.

We encourage our remote workers to recycle as much as possible.

If our remote workers have electronics from their home office that need disposing of we are happy to arrange for them to be disposed of properly through a local organisation.

And we follow up with onboarding comms:
-Disposing of electrical/computer equipment. If a Springload machine comes to the end of its life, talk to us about how to safely dispose of it. We’ll see what’s available in your area or worst case you can bring it back to the office on your next visit and we’ll take care of it though our computer recycling service.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Andrew,

We use the brilliant Pony Up for e-waste

Karst a fellow B Corp do beautiful stationary

Hope this helps!

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This is exactly the electronic waste service we are looking for. Thanks!!!

@SoonToBCorp Hi Andrew, Did you end up finding a breastfeeding mothers policy? Depending where u are based I found this for NSW Australia: