Sydney: Company Recycling Options

Hello Sydney companies. I’m looking for some recommendations on providers that you use for office recycling. It’s my understanding that the City of Sydney doesn’t offer recycling for commercial tenants. (Is that correct? I was surprised to hear this!)

Recommendations appreciated.

Pinging some folk who might have the knowledge: @LeaM @LydiaHo

Hi Ali
I highly recommend ORG ( They’re GECA certified (sustainability accreditation) and can collect your foodwaste separately as well.


Hey Ally,

Councils don’t collect any commercial waste. It’s a business cost. The business or strata building is responsible for organising the collection. Depending on your arrangement with the landlord either the business has to manage it directly or the fees are incorporated into your rent (if you don’t own the office space) because the building as a whole has organised the collection.

Thanks @LeaM for your recommendation. Great info!

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When we had an office in Sydney, we had a strata managed waste situation as @KarenPorter mentioned which only had paper recycling. We reached out to the company managing the waste and were able to get a co-mingled recycling bin (they charged us each month directly for the additional bin). While it would be ideal to do more, this was a big improvement on our previous situation.

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@SusanMagi from Aspire may be able to assist.

Ooh hello @SusanMagi! I found out about Aspire recently via the B Lab newsletter and was amazed. My partner who is nerdily into warehouse/supply chain/circular economy stuff was watching your video and having a fanboy moment too! :laughing:

Great to have you in the community. Anything we can collectively do to support Aspire, do sing out. Such a great concept.

For those not familiar:

Would be great to have a chat over the coming weeks, let me know what suits and i will give you a call…

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Would love that Susan, I’ll get in touch!

Sorry this is a bit late… but sydney based [] ( can sort through all commercial waste and provide waste reports. :grinning:

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