Sydney Roundtable Lunches

Hi Sydney community! Your B Local Leader Vicky (@simistervicky) and I are planning a series of roundtable lunches — we heard you’re keen to unpack tricky topics over a meal.

What would you want to discuss over lunch with fellow B Corps? Something specific to your role or industry? Something bigger than business? Let us know in this thread!


@Kiraday @KirstySimmonds @rshwetz @PhilBrown Kira happy to attend round table Sydney lunch. Best Lee Tonitto

Great idea! I’d love to discuss how B-Corps are tracking their GHG emissions, energy use, water and waste if others are also interested in sharing how they’ve gone about this.

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We’d be interested in learning about practical and realistically low-impact food packaging trends for the next few years.

After the REDcycle news, I’m sure many businesses that work in retail products would be curious to see what’s next!

Thanks for organising.

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Sounds fab, @Kiraday - will stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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Love this idea Ainhoa! I think @LeaM and @NaomiT would be amazing hosts for this one, and maybe we can even get a surprise visit from the most delicious food packaging innovation @twiice :slight_smile:

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Ooooo little trip to SYD! <3

Hi Ainhoa,

Feel free to reach out -