Global B Corp Map by MRCagney

One of our newly certified B Corps, MRCagney, recently made this fun map of B Corps globally. It has the ability to filter by country, industry, sector, size, and date certified using the directory data. Love to see it! :clap:

What other resources would help you find B Corps?


LOVE IT - thanks @Kiraday and MRCagney team!

This is AWESOME! Thanks MRCagney Team, and Congratulations on your certification!

This is very cool, I’m only just taking a look now. Do we have no NT-based B Corps? Who will be the first?!

Working with this existing map concept… I’d love to see some sort of B Corp Trail you could go on, where representatives from companies were willing to host B Corp travellers to come by… whether just for a tour or some sort of collaboration/knowledge sharing.

A B Corp Global Cross-Internship type things would be very cool. It could be a spin off from the global B Corp jobs board…

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