How many trees have you planted using the #BCorp search engine Ecosia?

Are you using the #BCorp search engine Ecosia on your personal computer and phone? Have you thought about getting your entire company to switch to Ecosia? :palm_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

You can set-up Ecosia as the default search engine across a network of computers. This is one of the simplest ways your organization can help them plant a lot of trees and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. If you want to visualize your impact, they are able to track the total number of trees planted and provide a monthly tree report. To apply for a tracking link and to sign up to their quarterly Ecosia for organizations newsletter, you can complete their partnership request form.

Some organizations choose to use the total number of trees planted by their employees in place of or in addition to purchasing traditional carbon offsets. When it comes to employee engagement and remote work, you can have your employees go through the exercise of measuring their carbon footprint at home and comparing that to the number of trees they plant in a month. How do they measure up?

Here’s a list of convincing arguments to make it happen. :palm_tree:
Learn how to make the switch company-wide here. :evergreen_tree:
Learn where does Ecosia plant native trees here! :deciduous_tree:

TIP! The Monthly Tree Report(s) is a great example of a supporting document you can use for your B Impact Assessment (BIA) impact score validation. :raised_hands: