HR Online software

Kia ora B Corp friends!

We are thinking of implementing a HRIS to streamline our recruitment, onboarding and HR record keeping.

I’d love to hear what everyone is using and if you’d recommend it?
Bonus points for engagement reporting, learning and growth tracking/LMS functionality.

Wasn’t sure if this tracked directly to an impact area… but it will definitely improve things for our team! #workers

Thank you!

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Absolutely NOT my area of expertise but I wonder if Beamible would work for you, from the wonderful folks at B Corp Beam Australia? It’s an incredibly powerful platform and so well designed but I’m not sure if it would provide all the functionality that you’ve mentioned above. And, if it’s not I’m sure @Steph would know something that would work.


Thanks so much @KarenPorter you have your finger on the pulse! I’ll follow up with you separately @Clare ! Cheers, Steph


I’m excited to talk Steph! Thanks Karen!

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