Improving recruitment processes to support diversity, equity, and inclusion

Kia ora,
We’re committed to improving our DE&I practices and creating a team that reflects the community we live in.

I’d love to hear about how you approach recruitment and hiring in a way that welcomes applications from a broad range of people.

We’ve implemented an anonymised process for reviewing applications, but I’ve seen mixed reviews on how well that works. What else have you done to minimise bias in your process?

Ngā mihi


Hi Penny,
We have done blind recruitment for our senior positions, with great success.
We also run a work experience program for refugees. We use this program as a great talent benching approach and have a high rate of recruiting the individuals into our business after they graduation the program.
Happy to provide more detail on each if it helps.
Regards, Wendy


Hi @PennydeBorst
Recruitment is a tricky scenario for us at the moment as a lot of people left the industry during COVID. Staff shortages seem to be everywhere however, and supposedly the lack of international workers in Australia is a big factor. I am currently on the hunt for 2x senior positions and it is very slim pickings out there.
We have very clear messaging in our ads about diversity and acceptance. The ‘blind recruitment method’ is always ‘ON’ for us.
But we also get the wider team to select the top 20% of the applications before they come through to senior mgmt for the final call on interviews. Our team is very active and conscious of the diversity issues and I feel we get a pretty broad range of people through this method.
However, it’s still really difficult to find people with the right experience for us.

@WendyMcCormick I love the idea of W/E for refugees! We have looked into that for our casual crew requirements before but it hasn’t got going yet. Do you go through a body like Asylum Centre Resource Centre?


Thanks Marky and Wendy – those are both great initiatives!

And yes, we’re having the same issues here, but we’re hoping that our reputation for culture and our purpose-driven work will help attract some fantastic people.

Ngā mihi



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@Marky yes we find better sucess going through one of the support agencies. In QLD we use Multicultural Australia, they have a great Work Welcome Program, alternatively in Melbourne yes I would use ASRC.

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@Marky ASCR is a fantastic org to consider if you are in Melbourne, and so is AMES. In NSW, you can consider SSI, who also operate in VIC and QLD.