LENS Immersion: Culturally Responsive 2-Day Workshop


The folks at Mahana Culture are delivering a culturally responsive 2-day workshop. I recently attended one of their ESSENCE Workshops (Is your culture, cultural?) and can highly recommend! Learn more below, or register here.

In-person over two days participants will practice cultural humility, reflect and share stories guided by Mahana Culture’s culturally responsive LENS Immersion pedagogy.

Cultural work - and specifically, cultural responsiveness - is not limited to the idea of “understanding others”. In fact, Mahana Culture’s LENS Immersion Course builds a common ground for all, where collaboration is relational and dignified.

Our brand of cultural responsiveness connects head and heart - as well as gut and hands - that starts with a reflection of self. Where cultural awareness is specific to one cultural group, cultural responsiveness builds capacity that is dynamic and empowering personally, culturally and institutionally, while also addressing power and inequity.

Using Indigenous inquiry and frameworks built from diverse world views, this two-day immersive course establishes a shared language for diverse and inclusive work, and delivers a set of practices to embed - as a way of being - that supports innovation to be courageous and inclusive. Designed to be somewhat disruptive, Mahana Culture builds a culturally courageous space to reflect on ‘what is culture?’ As well as, what is your role in dignifying cultural spaces for all.

Outcomes of LENS Immersion: culturally responsive 2-day workshop;

  • A deeper connection to your cultural self that is empowers your role in decisions of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Critical analysis of power in systems and institutions for better decision making and policies
  • A shared language and understanding of CRP that is inclusive of diverse ways of being
  • Empathy and understanding for better intercultural relationships and collaboration

Dates: Wed 30th Nov & Thur 1st Dec 2022

Cost: $1500 (inc GST) per person + Humanitix Booking Fees

Discount code available for B Corps here. :slight_smile:

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