Media opportunity: New Zealand B Corps in Good Magazine

Calling all Kiwi B Corps!

We have a B Corp advertising/media opportunity for your consideration, that requires a quick response if you’d like to participate. This is likely to be most suited to our consumer-facing brands but also open to interested services and others who are keen to get involved.


In partnership with Good Magazine, B Lab AANZ is coordinating a B Corp sponsored content double page feature, showcasing local B Corps, at a reduced advertising rate in the upcoming three issues of the magazine. This collaboration is off the back of a media kit we distributed in B Corp Month, where Good Mag ran an online giveaway of the B Corp Breakfast Box and received an incredible amount of interest.

Good Magazine will design the spread introducing B Corps and featuring B Corp brands, editorialised according to the participating brands. (A mockup layout is attached as a guide.)

Details of the promotion

The sponsored content articles will be published in the print edition, then one month later replicated across digital, tagging and linking affiliated brands. This extends the exposure beyond the 54K print magazine readership to potentially hundreds of thousands of views online. (See attached media kit for more details).

The fee to participate is $500 + GST per brand. B Lab is contributing $500 an issue and 6 x B Corps brands will contribute $500 each per issue. The total combined fee is $3500 per issue which is a considerable discount given x1 page across a digital and print campaign is normally $6500.

Inclusions are:

  • X1 double page spread every issue featuring associated brands - each brand has an image and copy
  • X1 digital article educational piece about B Corp and what B Corp certification is, live on site initially on the home page and then on site for one year
  • X1 online article every issue (bimonthly) with a brief couple of paragraphs talking about those brands featured, linked and tagged
  • X1 giveaway option for all brands involved every issue (bi monthly)

The issues are:

  • Issue 88 - Sustainability/Mental Health/15th birthday - On sale 26 June 2023
  • Issue 89 - Energy - On sale 14 August 2023
  • Issue 90 - Gardening - On sale 2 October 2023

We are looking to commit to 3 issues initially, and then if demand is high and it is deemed successful, we will consider further issues. In total we are looking for 18 participating B Corps - and we will adopt a ‘first in, first served’ approach.

How to get involved

To participate, you will need to:

  • Commit to the opportunity by Monday 29th April by completing this form
  • Agree to pay $500+GST for the feature
  • Agree that your issue preferences will be considered but may not be accommodated
  • Supply some copy and imagery to Good Magazine once your issue has been confirmed and consider participating in the associated optional giveaway

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or contact me or Qiulae for further info. If the timing is too tight but you’d be interested in future opportunities like this, please post feedback here too.

This is an exciting (and affordable!) chance to collaborate in sharing the B Corp story with a broad and aligned audience.

GoodMagazine_MediaKit_2023 v3.pdf (2.5 MB)


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Thanks Q!

Keeeeen on this next time. All my efforts & funds are tied into our Seed Round right now!


Awesome! We would certainly be keen on this next time. We’re currently in the middle of a cap raise and so it’s just not the right timing for us I’m afraid. Thanks!!

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