Merch suppliers

Hello Fellow Aussie B Corpers!
I was wondering if you have any merch suppliers you might recommend for items like tees, cups, stickers etc. I am just building out our supplier network.
Many thanks!


I suggest Corban & Blair my Company. We are focussed on sustainable items using recycled leather, leather off cuts and papers- as well as found items.We collaborate with other designers in particular first nation artists (Shop - Corban & Blair) We adapt to clients needs, make most of our items in Australia. For other items Promotion Products in Brisbane ( have a wide range of sustainable items and they are working towards becoming a B Corp. Let me know if you would like us to send you any further information about what we offer. Kind regards, Gillian


Great to hear about your company Gillian! Sharon this might be a useful perspective in planning merch procurement. > Christine Langdon 🌱🌎 on LinkedIn: Time to rethink company swag: 40% of corporate gifts end up in landfills | 42 comments

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Hello Try Aisling Graham at OTT Brand Promotions an aspiring B Corp Promotional Products Specialist | Over the Top Promotions (

There is a B Corp supplier called Ethical Tees based in Sydney.