WANTED - Socks 🧦 -> B Corp Supplier

Hey B Corp Crew,

A somewhat random request, we’re on the hunt for a B Corp Certified Sock manufacturer based in AUS.
A brand with traceable supply lines that uses sustainable and ethically sourced materials and has the capacity to produce smaller MOQ.
We’re working on a winter campaign, and I’d love to use the B Corp Brains Trust to find a great supplier.
Any help would be appreciated, DM me or flick me an email :point_right: chris@pabloandrustys.com.au

Thanks Team,



I was going to suggest UPPAREL but I don’t think know if they’re producing socks anymore!

@Eric do you or the Citizen Wolf team know someone? :slight_smile:


I’m commenting to follow along!

Zorali does socks https://www.zorali.com/collections/mens-accessories
The Common Good Co does beanies! Would that fit the winter theme? Accessories – The Common Good Company


Thanks Kira,

Upparel do some great work! Unfortunately, they don’t produce socks anymore. But we’re chatting with them about other collaboration activities :tada:

Hey Eva,

Welcome to the B Corp Community :raised_hands:
Thanks for the suggestions, there are certainly some cold mornings in the Roastery so Beanies might be a great option!

Hey Chris,

Hit me up with an email ben@thecommongoodco.com we are the only B’Corp certified apparel provider in Aus that specilises in B2B.


Hey Benny,

Appreciate the connection! I’ll flick you note :fist_right: :fist_left: