Responsible merchandise (tees/jumpers)

Hey all,

I’d love to find a supplier for custom/branded merchandise, mainly tees or jumpers.

I’m looking for someone who:

  • Can do custom branded printing/embroidering
  • Produces/makes the tees in Australia, under fair conditions
  • Uses only organic fabrics (cotton) or preferably recycled fibers (recycled cotton or recycled polyester)
  • Doesn’t have to be a B Corp, but obviously practice transparency and responsibility

Sounds easy, but I still haven’t found any! Let me know if you do :slight_smile:

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HI Ainhoa :clap: Did you find Etiko? They are a B Corp and made gear for last year’s B Corp Month?

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Thanks, of course, Etiko!

But I was giving priority to find those who offer recycled fabric materials…

The more I read about fashion, the harder I’m finding to justify all the resources that go into making non-essential things like for example, branded tees. Even if cotton is organic, there is a lot of water and resources going into it.

Hence my long quest for basic tees from recycled materials!