Meta / Facebook - Advertising Support - Help Wanted

Hey B Corp Community / Brains Trust,

Pablo & Rusty’s (SYD based Coffee Roaster) is looking for some support/guidance regarding Facebook (Meta) advertising challenges we’re working through.
Ideally, a PPC guru or agency that’s got contacts within Meta AUS. We’re keen to partner with value-aligned folks who love navigating the inner workings of the Meta universe to solve problems.

If you’re keen, reach me at
or via mobile 0427050650


Hey @Chris :wave: I can recommend Ian Laurie from Social ID. We’ve recommended him for a number of clients and they’ve now had him on board for a partner for a long time and been very happy. Whilst not (yet) a B Corp he is very aligned to the movement… I will convince him to certify at some point :wink:

Wonderful thanks @alisonmichalk. You’re a legend! I’ll reach out to Ian and also make sure I gently push the merits of becoming a B Corp😉

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I want to put a shout-out to @Lukedeanweymark and the amazing Team at @CompassStudio They’ve been able to navigate the swirling blackholes that is Meta PPC universe and help solve our issues!
If you’re in need of PPC, PR and all things Brand support, Luke, Natalie and the Compass Team has got your back🤗
Thanks to everyone else who reached out directly willing to lend a hand.
Love the B Corp community and the willingness to support each other :raised_hands: #strongertogether


Thanks Chris, love that hashtag and couldn’t agree more! Always happy to help.

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