Q&A with Danone Oceania, hosted by Lorna Davis

Earlier this week, Danone Oceania announced that it is officially a Certified B Corporation.

A large and complex business like Danone Oceania certifying as a B Corp is an incredible reminder of how far we have come: from a small group of passionate visionaries to a network of over 4,700 businesses, employing more than 438,000 employees, and working with countless customers, clients, and stakeholders.

If you’ve followed the movement for a while, you may also know that Lorna Davis, the former CEO of Danone North America, is instrumental in Danone’s impact story. During her time as Chief Manifesto Catalyst, she set Danone on a journey to certify its entire global operations, piece by piece. Since leaving Danone, she has continued her passion for the B Corp movement by acting as an ambassador and member of our global board.

We expect that our community will want to know more about Danone’s certification, their commitments, and their policies. We have organised a Q&A session for the B Corp community with Danone Oceania’s team, facilitated by Lorna Davis, on Tuesday 15 March. We hope that you’ll join us for the session to meet some of the faces behind Danone, welcome them to the community, and challenge each other to reimagine the role of business in today’s world.

Please feel free to add any questions you have for Danone to this thread ahead of the session to ensure we have time to answer them!

Register for the Q&A here.

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Will this be made available to watch at a later date?

We do have the recording @Edel! Check it out here.