Bigger B Corps - an evolving movement

With the announcement of Danone Oceania’s certification this week (nicely timed in B Corp Month!), I put together a note on how B Corp certification is evolving to include larger, complex and global businesses alongside the SME’s that have made up the B Corp community in Australia and Aotearoa NZ. It all started here in 2012 - when Small Giants (in AU) and Eagle Protect (in NZ) were the first to certify.

Love to hear your thoughts!


It’s amazing that in 10 years, this movement has grown so rapidly to become this wonderful community, with various companies using business as a force for good.

We were seen as the ‘strange fish in the pond’, a PPE supplier, to become certified. How was that possible we were asked?!

As you stated, “Asking questions and being held accountable is an indelible part of the certification process” has certainly been the case for us as we have to strive to be better both for those involved in our supply chain and the environment.

Due to the pandemic, more people are aware of the challenges we face in our global industry. Our hope is that future PPE companies will become or adapt the BCorp ethos. As Lorna Davis quoted, “In a world as complex and interconnected as the one we live in, the idea that one person has the answer is ludicrous.


Love this Edel, the “strange fish” - I think you also went by the self-proclaimed “dirtiest B Corp”? I love spotting the Eagle Protect boxes in airports and other places!

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