QLD and N NSW Floods 2022

Heya Everyone,

Just wondering how we can support people and businesses up in N NSW and QLD.

I have been personally asked for assistance from a few people in the area but I have no idea how to help.

Any connections or ideas??



Great idea Ttobie, suspect we need to figure out what the needs are of people and businesses. What sort of help were you asked for? Was it anything specific? This will be both an immediate issue then also a longer term recovery, just devastating to see the extent of the damage.

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I have been specifically asked for toiletries, underwear and sanitary products.

My dilemma is getting the items and then getting them up there as the post is too slow.

Long term recovery will be job too. Great point. It is devastating! I was just up in the area 2 weeks ago and my in-laws are up there too.

Ok, thanks Ttobie and hope your in-laws are ok! We’ll see if we can connect with some B Corps in the regions impacted and ask them to guide us too.

GIVIT Appeals | Flood Appeal | Donate To Help People Recovering From Floods in Brisbane & Queensland | Donate Money Or Items

We often donate to GIVIT people can request things they need and others can donate or fund. Hope your family is ok!

Great idea @ttobie.

Tagging @Luke from GoodNorth in here as they might already be working on something.

I saw that Biome was inundated in the Brisbane floods and no doubt there are other B Corps in Qld and Northern Rivers that have also been impacted. It would be good to know if there’s any way we can also support B Corps that are impacted.

Biome was heavily impacted, and shared this page on how to help their flood recovery. We’ll continue to update this thread as we hear from B Corps in the region.


K-Rae Designs — run by a proud Bundjalung and South Sea Islander woman based on Yuggera Country (Brisbane, QLD) — is selling these t-shirts. 100% of profits for pre-ordered shirts will support QLD and NSW flood recovery. :heartpulse: