Question about pro-bono work as % of revenue/giving

One of the BIA questions in the Community section asks,
“What was the equivalent percentage of revenue donated to charity during the last fiscal year?”

I’m wondering if others count their pro bono work in this tally? It’s not a % of revenue as it earns no income, but it’s a $ figure which we do give away in services.

I’ve only implemented our Pro-Bono Purpose Project (PPP) since last certification so getting my head around this.

I’m assuming it is not counted, but appreciate insights from others!


We donate % of revenue and hours. I know that I noted both in our application. We work on 1% revenue and 5% billable hours


Thanks Karen. We current donate between 0.5-1% of our revenue, however if we included the money we spend on our pro bono work it would easily put us in the 1.1%-2.4% tier. So how would you answer this question? Cold hard cash only? I know they ask about volunteer work also…

(Aiming to get to 1.1% + this FY on cash/giving alone, so this might be a redundant question. Just trying to understand how others think about this.)

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I’m pretty sure if you can quantify your volunteer hours then it counts towards the giving. From memory that’s what I did but would probably need to review. Our volunteer percentage of hours are given to the same organisation as our $$ but I don’t think that makes it more quantifiable


Hey… yeah, this is a tricky one and not sure if interpretation varies between auditors. Our model freaks them out a bit and we tend to end up in the too hard basket - leading to long time certifying & re-certifying.

We invest a target of 10% of our REVENUE in our Dynamic4 Good grants & Dynamic4 Ventures - which are mostly probono. When I say target is 10% it’s because I’ve been working at bringing it down from 35%+ which isn’t sustainable.

Conversations I’ve had with B Lab on that is none of this counts as donations - only traditional donations count. From memory I don’t think our social investment programs got us many points, the priority was cold hard cash…

I’d love to see the BIA reflect and reward models where impact is truly embedded and less of a focus on corporate philanthropy/CSR and profit redistribution.