Recommendations for EAP providers

Hi everyone,

I’m scoping a new EAP provider that offers comprehensive services, i.e. the standard EAP therapy sessions plus more wholistic wellbeing and financial counselling services. Ideally Australian-owned and onshore therapists and customer care.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Hi Lydia – have you looked at Uprise? The offer training and modules around wellbeing, and encourage proactive sessions with “coaches” (psychs) rather than reactive support. They describe themselves as an early intervention EAP.

They were founded in Australia, but were bought out by a US-company in 2021. But I believe their therapists are Aus-based. I don’t believe they have anything on financial training. I am still trying to find a provider for that!

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Thanks Alison! We already use Uprise but may swap to a different provider next year. Uprise coaches are Australian-based and offshore too.

Hey Lydia, we currently use Lifeworks/Telus Health which match you to local therapists but we have been looking into Sonder - pricey but sound amazing.
Sonder: The complete employee care platform

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Thank you Gemma, appreciate your help!

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