Seeking leaders/speakers on circularity

Hi Everyone,

A call for speakers is open for the Circularity conference in Melbourne on 20-21 November 2023. This is hosted by Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub).

Circularity aims to propel our region’s economy into the future by showcasing the best of circular design, practice and research. B Lab is considering coordinating a speaking submission, potentially as a panel of B Corps who are leading in circular design/practice. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity with me - please get in touch. The speaker submissions are due on 15th June so I’d like to hear from ASAP - before 8th June.

Thank you,

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@NaomiT from Replated comes straight to mind given they are a B Corp and have won design awards etc!

Im definitely interested! We practice circular by design across every aspect of our process

Thank you Alison for thinking of us

No problem, I’m such a fan. I saw you present recently :slight_smile: Would love to see widespread adoption of Replated. Is collaboration with other B Corps to help drive it possible? I’m thinking of the larger B Corps which physical office spaces, or coworking spaces such as The Commons. Waste is part of their BIA so I wonder if there’s an opportunity there.

You may already be all over this of course… my brain can’t help itself sometimes :laughing: I belong to a local “Plastic Free” group in my hometown so I get quite passionate about such things.

Anyway sorry I’ve high-jacked this thread.

I’m sure there are other great speakers too. Huskee Cup also come to mind.

Huskee are awesome, we collaborate with them all the time eg we have run co designed campaigns for PFJ before :shushing_face:

Happy to discuss all of the above any time Alison.

@Angie let me know id you want more information about me :slight_smile:

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Thanks Naomi and Alison! Naomi - I’ll email you directly and we’ll go from there :slight_smile:

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@Angie we would be thrilled to join you. Please feel free to reach our and chat directly.


Hi Louise - yes, I’ll email you directly, stay tuned!