Services vs physical products qu in BIA

Hi all,

I have a question from the environmental section of the BIA - Are the majority of your purchases from suppliers, services or physical products?

Wondering if anyone know which category the hire of plant and equipment would fit in? The supplier is providing a service of issuing and maintaining plant and equipment, but essentially it is physical products that are being supplied. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hey meiling. I would say services since they don’t own the Equipment. Assuming this makes up the majority of what they buy from suppliers.

Thanks Alison! Looks like they are pretty much 50/50 in terms of costs but have a much longer list of service suppliers and only a few products which are quite significant costs. Do you think that would swing it towards choosing services as the majority?

I would go with services. My logic is that as long as you can explain it to an assessor if questioned. If you select products does it open other questions? It might be good to look at those and at least have some answered prepared in the event you have to change it.

Yes selecting product opens up a lot more questions. That is a great idea to have those answers ready in case. Thanks so much Alison, very helpful :grinning:

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