The government need you!

Mind-blown! Today, I had the privilege of attending a truly eye-opening round-table discussion, orchestrated by dedicated members of the opposition. As we gathered to delve into the realms of politics, social challenges, and the profound impact of Australia’s financial landscape, something truly remarkable unfolded before my eyes.

Fifteen individuals filled the room, each with their unique stories and backgrounds, representing private organisations that possess an unwavering commitment to making a difference. Three of us also run charities, but I’d never really considered the deeper meaning of this.

One charity focuses on arranging short-term accommodation for those caught in the throes of crisis. Another serves as a safe haven, offering solace to vulnerable teenagers battling eating disorders. And then there is my charity, which provides a lifeline in the form of free mobile phones for victims of domestic violence, empowering them to reclaim their lives and find the support they desperately need…and none of us receive government funding.

What resonated deeply within me, and quite honestly took me by surprise, was the realization that it is ordinary individuals, who have taken the initiative to drive change. While our government may be engulfed in their own deliberations, often disconnected from the heart of the matter, it is the private sector that has risen to the occasion. It is within the camaraderie of this remarkable B Corp community that we find innovative solutions and unwavering support for one another.

So thank you, dear private sector, for daring to dream and for tirelessly seeking solutions. Amidst a world filled with individuals who merely discuss the problems plaguing our society, it is those, like all of us gathered here, who genuinely care and take action, that hold the power to effect tangible change.

My realisation today is that the government NEED you, so thank you for what you do!