"This Is Not Normal" - a campaign opportunity

Climate 200 and Heaps Normal (aspiring B Corp) are collaborating to launch This Is Not Normal, a campaign with an open letter addressed to the Australian general public about the critical need for action on climate change, and why this upcoming federal election presents us all with an opportunity to shift the balance of power that will unlock actual policy change. They are inviting companies to become signatories of the open letter (a minimum donation is not required to become a signatory). The (updated) draft open letter is included for your review.

B Lab understands there is varying appetite within the B Corp community to participate in campaigns like these, but we know some of you expect us to bring such opportunities to you given the urgency to act on climate. As with past campaigns that do not directly fit within our work, we’re not endorsing this or attaching the B Lab or B Corporation brand – but we know many B Corps have been active participants in similar campaigns. On this basis we’re raising awareness of the opportunity for B Corps to participate.

If you are interested to sign the open letter, please contact Sally Hill (sally@climate200.com.au) directly ASAP with the following:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Individual name
  • Role / title

An information session is scheduled to take place this coming Thursday, 27 April at 10am, and a site is expected to be launched by the end of the week. For more information, please contact Sally directly at her email above.