Want your company to be seen as a climate leader and Australia to become a renewables super power?

The BCCC (B Corp Climate Collective) are calling on all Australian B Corps to get behind a campaign to support a renewables led recovery that the WWF are leading. Join your fellow B Corps such as Patagonia and Intrepid and have your logo published in a full page advert in newspapers on 6 May in the lead up to the budget.
It’s really easy to get on board - just email :miranda@ie.community and she’ll email you the link so you can upload your logo and give you more information.

For more details about the campaign:
We are excited to be launching the second phase of the campaign, Renewables Nation. Renewables Nation will focus on continuing to build federal government support for making Australia a renewable powerhouse. The campaign has two main goals for 2021:

  • Secure a federal government commitment towards the $3.6 billion Renewable Recovery package in the Federal Budget on 11 May, 2021.
  • Secure costed renewable energy export plans, supporting policy and greater climate ambition from state and federal governments in the lead-up to the Glasgow (UNFCCC) Climate Conference on 1-12 November, 2021.


Is it possible to get a little more information about this please.

The WWF link is not super clear and I am hoping to get buy in from my leladership team on this.


Hello, we would also like more information about this please!
Can you please explain in further details?


Hi Coralie - here’s a link to find out more about this important campaign Renewables Super Power
Otherwise - I’d suggest contacting Miranda who can give you any additional information. Hope you can participate!

Hi Here’s the link to the campaign - you can see the companies at the bottom of the site who are supporting it. I’d also recommend emailing Miranda at the email address above or you can call her +61 438 305 285. Would be great to have you on board!

Amazing! Thank you so much.