Switching to Renewable Energy -- a free webinar by the AANZ B Corp Climate Collective

:rotating_light: Join us for a free renewable energy webinar by the AANZ B Corp Climate Collective with Jonathan Prendergast from the Business Renewables Centre Australia. :rotating_light:

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About the event:

Did you know that the use and generation of electricity is Australia’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions? Even in New Zealand, where renewable energy sources provide most of the electricity, the energy sector accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector. This is driving and accelerating climate change at an alarming rate. Making the switch to renewable energy is critical to reducing emissions and combatting climate change. This hour-long webinar, hosted by the B Corp Climate Collective and Jonathan Prendergast, the technical director at the Business Renewables Centre Australia, will explore ways that your business can achieve 100% renewable energy targets through renewable energy retailers and/or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

What can you expect?

Join our B Corp Community as we explore energy options for electricity buyers big and small, including: how to choose an energy retailer that works for you, understand what a PPA is and how you can use them, and how to balance effort and impact in your renewable energy procurement strategy. Not only is it better for the planet, but there are many benefits for your business, including cost savings, reliability, and resilience.

Have some burning questions about making the switch to renewables? After the presentation, a question and answer segment will close out the workshop, offering a unique opportunity to get answers from energy expert

About your guest speaker:

Jonathan is a clean energy project and procurement advisor and manager, with 12 years’ experience in development of innovative projects and contract structures. Jonathan has achieved several Australian first innovative energy projects, including development of Australia’s first District Heating system, District Cooling Customer agreement and offsite solar PPA. Jonathan has worked on many corporate renewable energy PPAs over the last 5 years performing advisory, procurement management and energy market analyst roles.


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