Using your business for social change

Engaging in social issues is not new for business, but it has made news with the First Nations Voice to Parliament referendum around the corner in Australia.

In the B Corp community, we are hearing many businesses are grappling with how they might respond. The country saw an outpouring of support from brands and businesses during the 2017 marriage equality plebiscite, but the Voice referendum has proven more complex for these same organisations — with many wondering whether they can and should take a stance. And for those who are taking a stance, how will they use their influence?

This thread is for B Corps to share and connect after the B Corp roundtable on the challenges and stories of businesses using their platforms for change. Feel free to share how your business has navigated complex challenges with stakeholders on The Voice and beyond, and what your business learned from the process.

This is an open discussion for B Corps in both Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand to join. Engage with an open mind as we explore how purpose-led businesses navigate their role in social change.

Some questions to consider:

  1. How has your business engaged with social issues historically?
  2. Has this Referendum been different? Why?
  3. What steps have you taken so far — what has worked well?
  4. What barriers and challenges have you faced?
  5. Have you, or are you interested in, taking an external stance (speaking to customers) or internal stance (speaking to employees)? What were your reasons and experience?