We won the Mumbrella Award for Sustainable Practices 2023!

Compass Studio is proud to announce that last week we won the Mumbrella Award for Sustainable Practices for 2023, and I’m especially delighted and honoured to share it with this community.

Receiving this award is not just a recognition of our accomplishments; it signifies a collective step forward for the entire Australian marketing industry. Sustainability isn’t merely a trend but a responsibility that we hold to our planet, our communities, and the generations to come. As marketers, we wield a considerable influence in shaping attitudes, behaviours, and perceptions. This award acknowledges the power we have to drive positive change and to set new standards for the way we do business.

This award is a reminder that even as a smaller agency, the work we do matters. And most importantly, the work doesn’t stop, so onwards and upwards towards a better, brighter future!

Our Impact goals is and always will be a primary focus of Compass Studio, so if anyone would like to collaborate. share resources or just chat through how we can better deliver on this as an industry, please get in touch with me on natalie@compass-studio.com.


Congratulations to you and the team @Natalie_Dean-Weymark :clap:

What are the main criteria for this award?