Webinar: Mandatory Climate-related Reporting and ASRS

HI Bs, some of you will know of the upcoming Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS) and the mandatory climate-related financial disclosures the government is implementing starting next year. These disclosures refer to reporting about how climate change could affect a company’s financial performance, operations, and sustainability.

This legislation applies to company thresholds so perhaps you are not covered - but if you’d like to get up to speed on what is involved, join our upcoming webinar series, guiding you through the fundamentals of mandatory climate reporting and the upcoming Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards.

In part 1 on July 10th Anthesis Principal Consultant Amy Quinton and Allens Partner Jillian Button will cover the core essentials:
:arrow_right: The latest updates + an understanding of the proposed requirements and how your business is captured.
:arrow_right: Reporting essentials - what information must be disclosed, how and when.
:arrow_right: What steps to take now - intro to gap analysis/readiness assessment + setting roles and responsibilities, governance and accountability, ambition level.
:arrow_right: Compliance obligations and potential company and director liabilities.

This is the first part of our 6-part flash webinar series, offering valuable guidance and actionable insights for each stage of the mandatory climate reporting journey. We’ll uncover opportunities beyond compliance to enhance innovation, efficiency, business value, and drive sustainable performance.

These 30-minute, early morning sessions are designed for busy leaders seeking concise, practical advice. Spaces are limited so sign up today! July 10th - 8.30am-9am
Link: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams